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Life's Beautiful


We are a SW friendly space. Offering both professional services, beauty and day spa treatments. You may be a current SW'er and also have additional skill sets that fit into the below roles. We only work with open minded, creative and no drama people.


As an establishment, there is NO competition, no lines ups, no intros, and complete safety and security of staff is paramount.

We do not take walk ins and only work by appointment. Our menu is set and our offerings are super clear keeping all things transparent and preventing any issues.

Clients must respect practitioners boundaries hence why the menu is crystal clear and nothing else offered without payment outside of sessions. You will never be asked to do anything you do not want to. We work by roster and have both short and long shift availability. Open between 10am - 10pm. Sometimes open to later for events, sometimes closed earlier for events also.


If you have skill sets in areas that you feel you would love to build on and want to grow your audience and team up with us, please send us a message. 

We are looking to offer many workshops, trainings, teachings, talks etc in 2023. For example - Run Life Drawing classes, Kink Academy, Photography Sessions, Sensual or Erotic Workshops, Run events like Performances, theatre, Dance. Run a class in Self Defence or something even more creative.

We want to build a fabulous community. 

The space has a workshop room, several private rooms and only 3km from the CBD.

Lets bridge all industries with the Adult industry - after all - isn't that why we worked so hard to change the legislation? 

The space is permitted and ready for the new revolution of the Adult Industry. 

Our purpose is to open and expand the mind of Australia to see SW as an everyday part of life and that those who are in the industry as amazing, intelligent and powerful individuals. 

Apply Here

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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